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"Eye on the Prize"


Recognizing that families in the Las Vegas area were in need of enhanced social, cultural, and educational programs, Linda Dougan and Nancy Justice began exploring the possibilities of establishing a chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. in Las Vegas. The provisional chapter, “EYE ON THE PRIZE”,  was accepted as an official chapter in July 1992.   Twenty-two mothers created a village for the children of Las Vegas on September 26, 1992 when the Las Vegas Chapter was chartered. Since then, our mission has been to nurture the growth and development of African American children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.

                   2011- 2013



    2017- 2019


Chapter Presidents

Dr. Linda Penton Dougan          
Jackie Phillips                              
Dr. Kim Lamotte Malone           
Elosie Clark                                  
Jeanette Stevenson                    
Rosa McNair                                
Michelle Banks                            
Kim Moore                                     
Melani Shanks                                
Linda Woodson                              
Traci Peterson                                
Tina Sadler                                    
Dorothy Roberts                           

Dr. Sonya Daniels -Walker          

Amanda R. McWilliams              

Berna L. Rhodes-Ford

Sandra Douglass Morgan

Paula Watkins-Baker                2022-Present

Chapter Officers

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