Chapter Programming is the “heart” of the organization. It is the way that we “create a medium of contact for children that stimulates growth and development.” The Chapters’ 2018-2020 programming requires that at least one activity (in each grade group) be accomplished centered on the National Program Thrusts under EDUCATION, CULTURAL, CIVIC, SOCIAL/RECREATIONAL, and HEALTH.


Education is the foundation of leadership. We aim to provide educational opportunities to ALL children. Our reading corner is one way we help the children in our community achieve a better tomorrow. 


Loving our history and exploring where we came from is a critical part of building a solid future. Group 1's visit to the history museum started their journey of discovery. 


Understanding that it's our responsibility to advocate change is a focus for every age group. Group 2 learned about the importance of being a part of the election process as a way of driving change with their mock election activity. 


The friendships developed in Jack and Jill provide our children with a support system that nurtures them through life's ups and downs. Everyone needs a village. Our Teens enjoy spending time together and building those lifelong bonds.


The Moms of the Las Vegas Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Inc. are always pleased to volunteer in the community to share information around healthy lifestyles. Participating in the G. Alex Foundation health fair was an honor.

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